NanoKleen® Home Water Purifier NanoKleen® Table-Top

The NanoKleen® Table Top Water Purifier produces up to 2000 Litres of beautiful tasting Water, including heavy Metal reduction & disinfection. Clean, healthy water you can trust without using harmful chemicals, batteries or electricity. Our purifier cartridge contains nano fibers that remove practically all viruses, bacteria, metals, pharmaceutical metabolites and other harmful substances to provide you safe, affordable and sustainable water you can trust.

Produce Safe Water from Tapwater, Rainwater or Boreholewater using the NanoKleen®water purification system

  • GUARANTEED Bacteria & Virus FREE Water
  • No waste water, every drop of water is purified
  • No Chemicals used
  • No Electricity needed

The NanoKleen® Water Purifier with BOOSTER, purifies tap water, rain water or borehole water to make the water safe and healthy. It will also provide you a reserve of up to 20 litres of water in times of intermittent water supply.

How does it work? Water is poured into the top section of the purifier, water flows through the purifier cartridge and 10 liters of purified water is stored in the bottom section.

  • This unit does NOT use electricity and no waste water is produced.
  • This Purifier is easy to use and maintain, as a new purifier cartridge is only needed after producing  around 2000 liters of water (depending on the quality of the water you use in the system).
  • The NanoKleen® Table-Top Purifier must be kept in the shade inside a home or office.

The main purifier element is based on Water Treatment technology designed for use in space by NASA, this includes a Nano-fibre mat,  which traps bacteria & viruses and then kills them, so they cannot multiply. NanoKleen® Table-Top Purifier with BOOSTER will remove the following:

  • Chlorine, Heavy metals, parasites, bacteria & viruses
  • Allergens, toxins, bad tastes & smells
  • Hormones, carcinogens and antibiotics.

There are four purifier stages in this NanoKleen®  unit:

  1. Pre-filtration to remove particles from the water
  2. Heavy metal ion removal
  3. Ultra-fine solids filtration
  4. NanoKleen® final purification to remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, hormones, antibiotics etc.