FAQ Nanokleen® Water Purification Technologies

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions we get about NanoKleen® Water Purification Technologies – please let us know if you have any questions that aren’t covered here

Q. How long do the Nanokleen® filters last?

A. This depends entirely on the quality of water that is fed into the purification system and the amount of water that you use – the dirtier your source water, the more often you can expect to replace the filter elements.

Q. Will boiling your water make it safe?

A. Not necessarily. While boiling water may kill viruses, fungi, spores and bacteria these (dead) microorganisms will still remain in the water that you will be drinking. Additionally, the water that you’re boiling may also contain heavy metals, pharmaceutical metabolites (if you are using tapwater) chlorine and a wide range of  chemical compounds – boiling water will not remove these risks. Finally, boiling water requires energy – normally using gas or electricity – and unless you’re making tea, it would need to cool off which will require additional energy – so your energy costs will increase the dirtier your water as will risks to health.

Q. What is the difference between Nano filtration and Reverse Osmosis?

A. Check our overview on https://nanokleen.co.za/reverse-osmosis-vs-nanofiltration/

Q. How do I know when to replace the filter elements in my water purification system?

A. All impurities are captured within the filters – our larger systems include “sacrificial”primary stage filters meaning that they are designed to capture large particulates such as solids, heavy metals and other impurities. When you notice that the flow rate of your system has decreased, it’s time to start replacing the sacrificial filters

Q. What kind of filtration system do I need?

A. This depends entirely on the quality of source water that you us and what it’s for. Water for cooking, washing and drinking requires the highest level of purification. If depends entirely on your budget and your water source – email us at info@nanokleen.co.za to discuss your requirements further

Q. Can I use water from a swimming pool for drinking?

A. If you want to use your swimming pool water for drinking purposes, it is possible if you have been using granular chlorine – the procedure would be to STOP dosing the pool with chlorine for a few days allowing the chlorine to disperse and then filtering it. HOWEVER using swimming pool water for drinkiing is NOT recommended if you have been using a  Floating Chlorination dispenser as this dumps toxic Amines into water which are very difficult to remove without Ion Exchange materials. If is recommended that you test your water to ensure whether it is safe to use. NOTE: SABS 0241 Drinking Water standard does not require analysing for toxic amines.

Q. How do I test what’s in my water?

A. NanoKleen provides a customised testing service where we can analyse what’s in the water you use. Contact info@nanokleen.co.za