We have harnessed the power of UV light with our innovative Hydro-Optic™ UV technology. Our experts have dedicated their time to expanding the knowledge base of UV treatment industry-related water bore pathogens and developing new and innovative ways in which UV light can be used to ensure water safety.  

We hold more than 60 patents, and the HOD UV technology is field proven and third party validated to the highest regulatory standards for EPA, FDA, NVI and PMO with accredited validation for 4-log virus with the target virus, and 5-log microbial inactivation.

Custom made wastewater aeration solutions for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants of any size and type. Suitable for upgrading existing plants and introducing additional oxygen to live aeration basins, with no downtime or drainage needed. Our retrievable modular units are easy to add/remove/re-position as the process demands. Get to know our patented Floating & Retrievable Fine Bubble Aeration Systems, that combine the easy installation and accessibility of surface aeration with the efficiency and reliability of diffusers.

Cell phone access to current Drinking Water & Waste Water quality Analyzers, Level Gauging, Flow and Data Acquisition, pH/ORP, Cond, DO Meters and Probes, Photometers and Colorimeters, Process Controllers and Sensors, Respirometers, Samplers, Turbidimeters, Water quality monitoring

We test for Oxygen, pH ORP, Conductivity, turbidity, nitrogen, carbon, phosphate and sludge level among many other parameters.