MONKO® 500g Packet Biotreatment Powder: Decomposes sewage to compost by-products for all Sanitation Applications

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Adding MONKO® Powder to Pit toilets and Septic tanks has proved to be an easy way of totally removing the Health and Smell problems. MONKO® has been successfully used in Southern Africa for the past 20 years.

MONKO® contains essential microorganisms / microbes which rapidly breakdown the sewage to harmless compost products. During this process the microbes grow rapidly and multiply, increasing the efficiency of sewage breakdown. The Benefits of using MONKO are:

  • Elimination of bad odours at Pit Toilets
  • Reduction of Flies
  • Stop spreading diseases from Sewage
  • Reduce solids & bulking problems
  • Safe decomposition of Sewage to compost by-products
  • Improve health and quality of life of the community
  • Improve water quality & solids settling rates

MONKO® operates by aerobic oxidation of the sewage. It requires to be in contact with the sewage and must be kept wet, for best performance. Since the microbes are aerobic, air is also required for the microbes to multiply rapidly and degrade the sewage, thus the product works in the aerobic zone near the surface of the pit. MONKO® has a 5 year storage life when kept dry.

MONKO POWDER Technical Information

Over the past 20 years MONKO® , a natural and environmentally safe product, has been successfully used in many types of SEWAGE treatment systems.


* Pit Toilets * Septic Tanks * Sewage in maturation ponds * Domestic wash-water * Sewage Plants performance improvement * Sewage buckets systems * Dams contaminated with oil & sewage * Maturation dams *water features *aquaponics systems * hydroponics systems *koi ponds

Real life projects in the field have proven this product to be harmless to the environment, while rapidly removing sewage problems. MONKO® is produced by selecting the best natural microbes and concentrating them onto a dry powder. The powder is then easily transported as a high activity product, which is diluted by the user. This minimises the weight of material transported compared with other dilute water based products.

Back-up support is available from CRYSTAL CLEAR by telephone, fax , post and email. This is aimed at ensuring best performance is achieved for each system using MONKO®. MONKO® Powder is the most convenient and cost effective way to solve Health & Hygiene problems caused from Pit Toilets, bucket systems and septic tanks.

MONKO® is sold in 23 kg plastic buckets and 2kg bags

Chief Morena T Lehana, Bisho, Eastern Cape says: “I have used MONKO® in pit toilets and wish to ensure that this product is used in my areas to improve the quality of life of the people using pit toilets”

Army Base in the Ugandan bush The Army General often complained of the smell blowing towards his tent from the nearby pit-toilet and requested that this be moved further from his office. 2 weeks later the General remarked to a colleague “thank you for moving that toilet” His colleague explained that the toilet had NOT been moved but that MONKO® is now used to decompose the sewage and remove the smells. The General immediately wanted know more about this product.

MONKO® – is a registered Trade Mark of Crystal Clear Consulting and Merchants (PTY) Ltd

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