NanoKleen® 6-Stage MEGA Water Purifier – complete water purification plant

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The NanoKleen® 6 stage MEGA Water Purifier provides up to 200,000 liters of clean, healthy water you can trust without using harmful chemicals, batteries or electricity. Our patented nano fibres remove practically all viruses, bacteria, metals, pharmaceutical metabolites and other harmful substances to provide you safe, affordable and sustainable water you can trust.

The NanoKleen® Water Purifier 6 stage under-counter Water Purifier purifies tap waterrain water or borehole water to make the water safe and healthy.

The main purifier elements is based on Water Treatment Technology designed for use in space by NASA, this includes a Nano-fibre mat,  which traps bacteria & viruses and then kills them, so they cannot multiply.  the NanoKleen® 6 stage MEGA water purifier removes:

  • Chlorine, Heavy metals, parasites, bacteria & viruses
  • Allergens, toxins, bad tastes & smells
  • Hormonescarcinogens and antibiotics.

There are six purifier stages in this NanoKleen®  unit:

  1. Pre-filtration to remove particles from the water
  2. Heavy metal ion removal
  3. Ultra-fine solids filtration
  4. NanoKleen® final purification to remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, hormones, antibiotics etc.

NanoKleen® uses a multi-stage purification process where every drop of water is made safe from bio-life, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, chlorine and many other toxic components in our water. The NanoKleen® purification process uses technology developed for water purification on US Space craft This is based on a mat of fibres 10 000 times thinner than human hair, that traps bacteria, viruses & other nano-particles by electrostatic forces. Then silver particles attached to the fibres, kill the bacteria & viruses trapped on the fibres.

System also contains flow meters, taps and fittings

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